Saturday, August 4, 2012

Exhausted.. who knew sitting and sewing all day was so exhausting?

It's been a great 2 days at the Original Sewing & Quilting show in Pittsburgh. I'm having so much fun and learning tons of new things..
When you enter the convention center, you' have to get in line to get your daily wrist band and daily drawing ticket.  This drawing ticket is very important.  Each day at the end of the day, they draw a few lucky winners to win a grand prize of a sewing machine or a goodie bag filled with notions and gift certificates. They even pick two winners everyday to get free value package voucher to come back next year for free with classes included.

See the prizes below.  They had 5 sewing machines that they are giving away..  I have one more chance to win a prize tomorrow.. Wish me luck..

So two days down, one more day to go with two more classes left...

Day 1- I had two hands-on classes that I mentioned in my earlier post.
Cosmetic Serger-y Workshop with Gail Yellen and Mini Messenger Tote with Kathy Stachowicz &  Susan Zellers class both were serger classes.. I was right about the serger, they provided each person in the class with a Babylock Evolution serger :-)
I was so happy to get chance to use this machine.  It was a dream to try the serger that claims to be tension free and have auto threading system.  They had a great deal if you wanted to take one home with you.  Retail price is $4000+ but they were selling it for $2500 which includes the project book and the 3 year gold warranty..  
The Cosmetic Serger-y was a great class because Gail basically taught you how to use the serger and what you can do with it.. This a great class for beginners and I had fun playing with the serger and all it's features.
Then in the second class, the Mini Messenger Tote bag with Kathy and Sue, I got to use the serger for the rest of the afternoon to make my tote bag.  It was a good learning experience to be forced to sew with the serger instead of a sewing machine.  I ran out of time so my tote is 75% complete.  I didn't get a chance to put the finishing touches like the handles but it came out really nice.  I'll have to finish it when I get home.
I was so tired after the first day that I just went to bed early.   Who would have thought that two 4 hour classes of sewing was so exhausting???

Day 2 - I had one hands-on class and left plenty of time to go around the expo to go SHOPPING!!
Mitered Corners and Setting Triangles with Nelly Vileikis was such a fun class.  Nelly is so funny and had so much fun, I would come back to take more classes with her.   She explains everything so clear and adds lots of good tips.  There were a lot of mature quilters that commented that her techniques will make their quilting so much easier. 

With this class, we had the Babylock Sophia 2 (sewing & embroidery combo machine).  We only used it as a sewing machine but it's a cute little machine.
Here is the sample piece that we attempted to make during this class.  I was only able to finish 2 mitered squares so I'll post pictures of my finish product once I get it done.
After class, I walked the grounds to check out the vendors.. I'll post more about the vendors tomorrow..  I had some extra time so I went to visit the Make-it Center with Beth Bradley.  There were 4 projects to choose from and I decide to make the Zipper Flower Brooch.  Beth was so nice and patient with everyone.  She would walk you through how to make the project you selected and worked with you on your own pace. It was fun just to sit around chatting with Beth and the other ladies at the table.  Thanks Beth, it was nice meeting you..

Once you completed your project, Beth took a picture of you and your finished project.

Here is my finished Zipper flower brooch with the latest version of the Sew it All magazine.  I chose the white and black polka dot zipper combo. Beth had made one with just the red zippers. You can choose what ever combination you wanted to make.  The pattern for the brooch is in the Sew it All magazine, so go get a copy before the next issue comes out. 

Here is a close up of the brooch.  Option 1 is the way it is supposed to look but I wanted to play with it a bit and turned the larger zipper leaves inside out to get the look for Option 2.  I think it looks great with both ways.  Which one do you like better?

Part 2: Read about the last day and final day of the Expo in my next post.
Part 3: My few of my Favorite vendors at the expo

~~Words of Encouragement~~
Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught and you will overflow with thankfulness. Colossians 2:7 (NLT)


Trayne1837 said...

Love the zipper flowers, want to learn to make them so much... but no one around this town sells the Sew It All... and it is 60 miles one way to the Jo Ann Fabrics.. Wish there was a video somewhere.. or a place to buy this issue.

quilton said...

They're are tutorials. Google Zipper Flowers and you'll find a few.

Machelle said...

Actually the Sew it all magazine has a web site. JoAnn fabrics project
Section has a freeset of pattern instructions for zipper flowers you can view and down load. Bertha,it was nice to sit and stitch with you! That is me in the shades of orange ribbon sweater on right! Best of luck with your lovely gift making!

Kadoka said...

@Trayne1837: do you have a Barnes & Noble near you? They sell the Sew it All magazine there too. I agree with Quilton, do a Google search for Zipper flower tutorials and you'll find tons of videos and websites with instructions. You have to try one, it was so easy to do.

Kadoka said...

@Machele: Hi Machelle, it was good meeting you.. I would have been bored by myself if you weren't there at the table.. thanks for being my zipper flower partner. Hope I see you again next year at the expo..

Kadoka said...

Trayne1837: Check out this link. The instructions for the zipper I made at the expo has been posted.

Kadoka said...

Machelle, did you see your picture posted from the expo? Check out the link.!/photo.php?fbid=501907069836153&set=a.118412818185582.16870.117140514979479&type=1&theater

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