Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm Back..more free time after Balloon Festival

Some have asked "Where are you been???"... Sorry for disappearing for 2 months.. it's been a crazy last 2 months.. After my last trip to the Sew & Quilt Expo, I had this grand idea to take my craft to the public.. and it definitely was a crazy idea but we did it anyway..

The event: 2013 Quick Chek Balloon Festival from July 26-28.
The plan was to sell decorated apparel on the spot.

2013 Quick Chek Balloon Festival
I've been thinking about doing a craft booth for a while but just didn't know what we wanted to do at the booth. All of the items we typically design can't be easily sold in mass quantities.. But I think we finally found the balance to actually sell personalized items on the spot.

We decided to take our most popular item - the t-shirt and centered the whole concept behind it.

Typically when designing a t-shirt, we would work to create a design specifically for an event or a personalized gift. But selling in an outdoor booth, there were lots of limitations especially if we wanted to keep to KadoHeart's theme to create Gifts from the Heart.

Fashion It Your Way

Fashion It Your Way came to existence with the concept to allow people to create a fashion statement on the spot. Designs were pre-created so that people could mix and match to style a t-shirt with their own unique flair. The person can place the designs anywhere on the shirt and we make that shirt on the spot for them. No two t-shirts would come out the same (unless you wanted it that way).

After two months of preparing for the booth and the designs, the balloon festival finally arrived. Here are some pictures of our booth; the designs were showcased on t-shirts to give people an idea of how they would look.

Fashion It Your Way Booth - Outside

Fashion It Your Way - Inside

Fashion It Your Way Booth - Right Display

Fashion It Your Way - Left Display

The Balloon Festival drew in a lot of crowds coming to attend the concerts and see the hot air balloons ascending twice a day. There were 125 hot air balloon with 10 special shaped balloons. Check out the awesome view we had of the balloons rising from the booth.

Special Shaped Balloon - Elvis

Special Shaped Balloons - Flag and Light house (Dedicated to those effected by Sandy - Stronger than the Storm)

Endless sea of hot air balloons

Special shaped Balloon - Dedicated to the Heros of Sept 11
Click Here to see more balloon fest pictures.
It was a great learning experience especially dealing with extreme weather that mother nature decided to give us for that weekend. I was grateful that it wasn't the 90+ degs like the week before but we had hot and humid weather on Saturday and rain off and on on Sunday. The outdoor concerts still went on even with the rain. Kudos to those who stayed for the concerts.

But the balloon festival came to a close early on Sunday due to a heavy torrential rain that lasted for 45 mins. Lots of people got stuck in the mud and rivers of water flooded many streets. But we were very luck to come out of the rain with no damage to our equipment and supplies. :-)

I tip my hat to those who sell in outdoor craft booths for a living/hobby.. it's not easy with the unpredictable weather. At this point, we're taking a breather to get the house back in order and looking for a Christmas (Indoor) show to try next..

If anyone knows of a good Christmas show that draws a big crowd in the NJ/PA area, let me know..

~~Words of Encouragement~~
The Lord says "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you"
Psalms 33:8 (NLT)

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